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8 Great Antioxidant Fruits ...

By Lyndsie

Antioxidants are the new craze in health and food, there's no question about that. They have a ton of benefits, from encouraging good health and discouraging illness and disease, to boosting your immune system, protecting you from free radicals, and perhaps even reducing the signs of aging. Perhaps better still, they can give you a great metabolism and help you lose weight. You don't even have to change a lot of your habits to get plenty of them, either. In fact, all you have to do is incorporate these great antioxidant fruits into your diet, and you're golden!

1 Blueberries

Blueberries are some of the most popular antioxidant fruits around right now. You can find them everywhere, in cereals, juices, power bars, you name it. And hey, they're quite tasty little things, they make great snacks, and since they're so sought after, it's getting easier to find them no matter what the season. Eating fruits can help you lose weight anyway, but eating fruits high in antioxidants makes it even easier.

2 Kiwi

I did not know that kiwis were so full of antioxidants! Well, actually, there a little low on the latter, with an ORAC score of 602, but that's all right by me. I've always thought kiwi fruits taste a little bit like strawberries, which is guess is why they go together so often. It's nice to know that I can get a lot of antioxidants with one of my favorite flavor combinations – and I do mean a lot, because...

3 Strawberries

Strawberries are great antioxidant fruits as well. As a matter of fact, they rank way up there on the ORAC scale. They have a score of 1,540, which is pretty awesome. Since it's summer, it's a great time to get fresh, ripe strawberries, and feel free to make yourself some smoothies. Heck, make some strawberry-banana smoothies, and you'll get plenty of antioxidants and calcium! Smoothies are also a great weight loss snack!

4 Prunes

I'm actually quite fond of prunes, although you have to be careful when you eat them. One reason you should try them is not just because they're good for, ahem, digestion, or what-have-you, but because they have the highest ORAC score of all the antioxidant rich fruits. They come in with 5,770, more than twice as much as the second-place fruit! Here's what I don't get, though: prunes are dried plums, yet plums are way down on the list. Huh?

5 Cherries

I love cherries, all kinds of cherries – except maraschino cherries, actually. I don't like those – although the Better Half can eat them right out of the jar, which never fails to fascinate me. That's totally beside the point though. The point is, cherries have a 670 score, and they too make a great snack – as long as you watch out for the pits! Remember, cherries are a better snack than potato chips when it comes to losing weight.

6 Raspberries

Raspberries, like most berries, are also great antioxidant fruits. They're worth an ORAC score of 1,220, and there are tons of ways to eat them. They're just now starting to get ripe, too, so make sure you take advantage of the fact that they're in season! They can go in cereals, smoothies, muffins, cobblers – and they're delicious on their own, too.

7 Raisins

Raisins are the second highest ranked antioxidant-rich fruit, with a score of 2,830. They're great to take with you as a snack, to just about anywhere. Small, tasty, easy to transport, and obviously good for you – what more could you want? And hey, they taste notoriously great with bran-based cereals! Again, though, what's weird is that raisins are just little dried grapes, yet grapes have a way lower score.

8 Oranges

Finally, there's the sunshine fruit – oranges! You can't eat an orange and not smile – unless you don't like them, I suppose. On the premise that you do, however, have as many as you like. You'll be getting vitamin C and plenty of antioxidants, since oranges have an ORAC score of 750.

There are plenty of other great antioxidant fruits out there as well – like plums and grapes. Plus, there are lots of delicious vegetables and proteins that are rich in antioxidants. They make it so easy to stay healthy and lose weight. I bet you eat a lot of them already! What are your favorite antioxidant rich foods?

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