7 Good Foods That Are Actually Bad for You ...

Tara Zimliki

7 Good Foods That Are Actually Bad for You ...

There are so many seemingly good foods that are bad for you because of the added calories, sugar, and preservatives. Often people walk through the health aisle of the supermarket and assume that everything on the shelves is healthy, but this could not be farther from the truth. Read the food labels on everything you buy and make wise food choices. There are many healthy options available that taste great - just beware of the unhealthy tricksters of good foods that are bad for you. Now here is my list of the tricky seven!

1 Dried Fruits

Dried fruit is always in the health aisle sitting there and looking so innocent, because it is fruit, right? Wrong! Dried fruit is high in sugar to preserve the taste and has added preservatives making this choice very unhealthy. This is one of the good foods that are bad for you, so opt for a whole fresh organic apple instead and avoid being tricked by the dried version.

2 Trail Mix

Stop tricking me with the low fat labeled trail mix! If you are like me you read the labels in full, but when food is sitting in the health aisle it can deceive you. Trail mix is high in fat, calories and sodium especially when chocolate pieces are added! The newest trail mixes actually have pieces of chocolate throughout the mix! To opt for the health version just stick with a handful of almonds. Save your figure and your health!

3 Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is a great source of protein and can be healthy if it is low is sugar and sodium. Make sure you read the label of your peanut butter and purchase the no sugar added version. There are many reduced fat versions of peanut butter that have loads of sugar in them, and are definitely not healthy!

4 Whole Grain Products

Those tricky food companies keep getting people with whole grain cereal and whole grain snacks that are nothing more than whole wheat added to an enriched flour product. This causes spikes in your glucose level which can cause weight gain. Combat these tricksters and purchase 100% whole wheat to get more nutritional value!

5 Sushi

Why aren't rice and fish healthy? Sushi rolls are healthy but if you add soy sauce you will add sodium and eating more than a serving of 4 will add mega carbohydrates to your diet. The healthier swap is to try sashimi which is fish minus the rice. By having sashimi you will salvage your waistline and enjoy a guiltless meal!

6 Protein Bars

Most protein bars are nothing more than glorified candy bars with protein added to them. Protein bars are packaged and processed, the 2 "Ps" I try to avoid. And they are high in calories and sugar. Steer clear of the protein bars and have some hard boiled eggs for some fresh non packaged protein. Now that's more like it!

7 Restaurant Omelet

When you eat out at a restaurant and order an omelet, have you ever wondered why it tastes so different than the omelet you make at home? Well, there is a large and fattening reason: the pan is buttered down or smeared with oil when you order out. The healthy way to order is to request that the chef prepare your omelet without oil or butter so you can save calories and your arteries!

Now that you have a better understanding of good foods that are actually bad, you will have more confidence when food shopping. I hope this helps you to make healthier choices and not be deceived. Do you feel better when you make healthy food choices?