Brilliant Gifts to Give a Friend Starting a New Diet ...

By Leiann

Brilliant Gifts to Give a Friend Starting a New Diet  ...

Are you looking for gifts for a friend starting a weight loss routine? When a friend is going on a diet, the object is not to insult but to encourage. Why not encourage with a present? There are many gifts to be bought in many different price categories. I researched and found what would be most useful. Here are the best gifts for a friend starting a weight loss routine.

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Water Bottle (under $10.00)

For the friend to get into the habit of taking water wherever they go.


Iced Tea Maker (under $50.00)

As an alternative to water, black, green and white tea are all healthy. Good to carry in the above water bottle too.


Cookbooks (under $20.00)

Does she get take-out a lot? Goes through the drive-thru? This will get her to get comfortable in her kitchen and obviously make something homemade and healthy.


Crockpot (under $50.00)

Is she on-the-go all day? She can get it ready in the morning and then come home to something yummy without the STRESS which is known for the over-production of cortisol, causing the worst body fat - belly fat.


Meal Prep Containers (Pyrex or Rubbermaid) (under $20.00)

Maybe she can learn how to meal prep on one of the many food blogs, then voila! Simply take a container out and cook. This gift goes good with the crockpot or cookbooks.

Famous Quotes

If you would take, you must first give, this is the beginning of intelligence.


Nutritious Gift Certificate (healthy Restaurant or Health Food Store) (any Amount)

Maybe she would never treat herself to a restaurant or splurge at a health food store. Maybe she only shops at dollar stores.


Healthy Magazine Subscription (under $35.00)

What better way to educate than with a magazine with all the latest diet news every month.


Grown-up Lunch Tote (under $15.00)

Kids need lunch boxes and so do adults! Again, she can stop going through the drive-thru and pack a nice healthy lunch. This present goes well with the water bottle.

A nice gift from the heart just might be the encouragement she needs. Cannot afford to buy right now? Offer yourself to be an accountability partner. A gift that keeps on giving!

You are being a true friend and that is what she needs right now. Not someone competing, trying to be better or saying, "Ha Ha. I am skinnier than you".

Happy shopping!


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