Perfect 👌 Ways to Get Back on Track 🚦 after Holiday ❄️ Binging 😬 ...

It's time to get back on a healthy track after the holidays. The month of December often packs a mighty punch for most of us who are trying to maintain or lose weight. December is often filled with endless amounts of chocolates, desserts and fat-laden entrees. These food choices are often eaten in combination with a side of guilt and a few extra pounds. Thankfully we all made it through the never ending buffet of December with only a few battle scars.

By the New Year, we have reaffirmed our commitment to a healthy lifestyle only to find ourselves, ordering a delectable treat from our favorite bakery a week later. How do we get back on track? I thought you would never ask. We calibrate by putting our good practices back into action. We have to set realistic short-term goals that are easy to follow and then increase the intensity as we go along. Here are 5 steps to help you get back on a healthy track after the holidays.

1. Don't Dwell on Your past Eating Mishaps during the Festivities of Last Month

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It's over and you should keep moving forward and that's one of the best get back on a healthy track after the holidays.

2. Rid Your Cupboards of Any Holiday Contraband

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Give it away or throw it in the garbage.

3. Set a Realistic Weight Loss or Maintenance Goal

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Weight that comes off too quickly often comes back quickly as well.

4. Try to Move More, Even if It Includes Just Taking the Stairs

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Do some sort of exercise every day.

5. Portion out Your Food According to the Correct Serving Size and Make Healthier Choices

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In addition, cherish the memories that you gained over the holidays. Happy people are notorious for losing weight.

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