11 Fun Foods to Trick Your Sweet Tooth ...

We all like a sweet treat every now and then, but if you have a bunch of sweet teeth like me, itโ€™s essential to learn to trick your sweet tooth! There are lots of delicious foods out there that can make satiating your desire for sweets so much easier, you just have to get creative! So, I decided to scour the net for some yummy yet healthy snacks that can help trick your sweet tooth so you can feel good about treating yourself!

1. Dates and Almonds

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One way to trick your sweet tooth is to combine some unexpected foods together! Take dates, for instance: theyโ€™re small, sweet and packed with nutrients. Almonds contain healthy fats, have a great crunch and go great with just about anything. Pair these two snacks together and youโ€™ve got the perfect combo of sweet and crunchy thatโ€™s sure to satisfy!

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