9 Foods under 100 Calories ...


9 Foods under 100 Calories ...
9 Foods under 100 Calories ...

Foods Under 100 Calories aren’t boring and they certainly don’t taste awful which means you can have your snack and enjoy it too. In fact, you can have your much needed snack every day and still lose weight all thanks to it. Still don’t believe me foods under 100 calories are that good? Well, check out this list of nine totally ordinary foods under 100 calories and you’ll figure out how to have more meals per day without increasing your calorie intake:

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With just 70 to 80 calories per piece eggs certainly deserve to be mentioned in my list of foods under 100 calories. And, ladies, I’m not talking about those tiny eggs that can’t do more than just tickle your stomach! A nice, big, tasty egg is what I have in mind! Boil it to keep your calorie intake under 100 and enjoy!


Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are a great snack and if you are one of those lucky people who know how to pick the best ones then you’ve hit the jackpot! Why? Because one small baked sweet potato has only 55 calories and since you’ll be baking it “as it is” meaning no oil and stuff, you don’t have to worry about accidentally breaking the calorie limit.


Soy Snacks

I know… I know – those crunchy roasted soy beans are totally yummy, sometimes even so yummy you just can’t say no! Well, the good news is that you don’t have to give them up because, when dosed correctly, soy beans count as foods under 100 calories! Three table spoons of soy unsalted roasted beans have only 80 calories and if you eat them slow enough to enjoy every single bean, even this moderate portion can prove to be quite satisfying.



Watermelon will keep you energized and hydrated so feel free to reach for it this summer and don’t worry because you can eat whole two cups of this juicy fruit and still look amazing. Sounds unbelievable? Not really as this portion contains only 90 calories!



Poor diets can really mess with your health and good looks so instead of denying yourself food, have a healthy, refreshing snack. Blueberries, for example, contain only 85 calories per serving (cup) and they are very rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and all those good stuff your body really needs. You can eat your blueberries fresh for a re-energizing afternoon snack or mix them with your yoghurt and cereals for a healthy breakfast.



One medium peach has about 40 calories which means you can eat two without breaking the 100 calorie limit! Now, isn’t that great? Or, you can slice the half which is about 20 calories put it in a blender, pour 6 oz of light yoghurt (another 80 calories) over it and voila – natural, homemade fruit yoghurt and you’re still eating foods under 100 calories!


Oyster Crackers

But enough with the fruits, as I’m sure you’re dying to know more about snacks and portions sizes that would make them “safe to eat”. Can’t blame you – I too love snacks, especially cookies and crackers! So, here’s the deal – replace your favorite saltine crackers with popular, less salty and totally crunchy oyster crackers and enjoy not one, two or five but 20 of them. But, wait you haven’t heard the best part yet -This portion has only 60 calories which means you can add a light dip as well!


Gelatin Desserts

Gelatin desserts such as Jell-O are surprisingly low in calories (10 to 30 calories per cup, depending on the flavor), have no fat and will definitely help you control your cravings although you shouldn’t really eat them on daily basis because they don’t contain anything good either. I’ve decided to include them in my list of foods under 100 calories because I have a sweet tooth too and I know how difficult fighting the need to have an ice-scream or a chocolate bar can get.



Well, I don’t know about you but I love, love, love radishes and once I tell you half of a cup of these babies contains only 14 calories, I’m sure you’ll want to include them in your diet as well! But radishes are much more than just a refreshing snack - they are actually a great source of vitamins, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, copper and iron which means you should eat them even if you’re not very interested in dieting or foods under 100 calories.

Are you willing to give these tasty foods under 100 calories a shot? I certainly find them useful and I’m not the only one, either! Now, before I leave you to discuss this list I must advise you to pay attention to all nutrition information printed on the back of the store bought, so called “light” products (such as carbs, fats and sugars) because not all foods under 100 calories are as healthy as you might think.

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Eggs? Really? Thats awesome I LOVE eggs hehe

is it a good idea to cut out carbs, i'm talking about healthy carbs, e.g. brown toast, oats, rye, etc . i know they are generally healthy and don;t make you put on weight but when you are trying to lose weight should one cut them out for about a month to kick start the weight loss?

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