9 Foods under 100 Calories ...


Foods Under 100 Calories arenโ€™t boring and they certainly donโ€™t taste awful which means you can have your snack and enjoy it too. In fact, you can have your much needed snack every day and still lose weight all thanks to it. Still donโ€™t believe me foods under 100 calories are that good? Well, check out this list of nine totally ordinary foods under 100 calories and youโ€™ll figure out how to have more meals per day without increasing your calorie intake:

1. Eggs

With just 70 to 80 calories per piece eggs certainly deserve to be mentioned in my list of foods under 100 calories. And, ladies, Iโ€™m not talking about those tiny eggs that canโ€™t do more than just tickle your stomach! A nice, big, tasty egg is what I have in mind! Boil it to keep your calorie intake under 100 and enjoy!

Sweet Potatoes
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