8 Fittest Foods in Your Fridge ...


8 Fittest Foods in Your Fridge ...
8 Fittest Foods in Your Fridge ...

Want to get that bod bikini-ready and wondering what the fittest foods in your fridge are? Summer is on its way and it seems like everyone is looking for healthy ways to get fit. Don't run to the supermarket just yet! I bet most of you already have these fit foods on hand. Here are the fittest foods in your fridge.

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I know it's hard to believe, but its true! Despite the bad rap, milk is actually a great post work-out drink, which is why it's earned the top spot on my list of the fittest foods! It contains water, protein, calcium and sugar to help you refuel. Try to stick to the low-fat or even better nonfat to avoid the excess fats. Aim for three cups a day. Try it in a smoothie with some peanut butter and a banana. Delish!



Is your goal muscle growth? Then eggs are the food for you! They are packed with muscle-building nutrients, like protein and amino acids, as well as vitamin D, calcium, and zinc. They also include a vitamin call choline that helps with memory enhancement and brain health.



When it comes to lean protein, salmon is a great catch. Not only is protein-packed salmon great for muscle building, it also contains omega-3 fatty acid which it essential in reducing muscle inflammation, helping reduce heart attacks and keeping you disease-free.



Although avocados are known for being fatty, the monounsaturated fat that it contains aids in lowering cholesterol. It also contains vitamin B and K. Vitamin B helps your body's metabolism and vitamin K is essential for bone growth. Another great reason to eat this amazing food (as if you needed one), it that it contains both soluble and insoluble fiber, in which not many foods do! Soluble fiber is great in appetite controls as it turns into a gel form when mixed with the water in your body, which keeps you feeling full. Insoluble fiber aids in cleansing as it supports bowel movements.



In two recent studies, this super-fruit showed its power to build strong bones and prevent the formation of fat cells. Strong bones are so important for women who work out, especially as we get older. Prevent the formation of fat cells! I guess I'll be eating a lot more blueberries!


Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt's popularity has been skyrocketing lately, and I'm sure many of you are wondering the same thing I was: what's the difference between Greek yogurt and regular? Well, after a little research I learned that Greek yogurt is made just as regular yogurt is, except with an added step, which causes its thick consistency. What's the big hype? Greek yogurt has about double the amount of protein as regular yogurt does! Which is great for those of us looking to lose fat and gain muscle. It also has less carbs and almost half the amount of sodium! I'm convinced... I made the switch!


Sweet Potatoes

I know what you're thinking... sweet potatoes don't go in your fridge! Your right they don't, but I had to include these beautiful vegetables because they are so tasty and good for you. Just one 4 oz serving of sweet potato contains more than 100% of our daily need of beta carotene, as well as a good amount of iron and vitamin C. Together these wonderful nutrients are the best to aid in muscle recovery after a tough workout.



There is nothing better than a nice cold glass of water after you just sweat your butt off. Water aids in flushing away toxins and regulating body temp. The more water you drink, the more you sweat (which is the body's way of cooling off), the less toxins in your body. It's a lovely and necessary cycle. Although water helps the body in everyday, it is most powerful in aiding weight loss. Drinking water before a meal regulates hunger and takes space in your stomach causing you to eat less. Are you drinking you 8 glasses a day?

Was I right? Do you already have many of these fittest foods in your fridge? Now that we know what our bodies need for that lean look, we all love, let's get fit! Not just for the summer, lets get fit for life! Any fit foods that you can recommend?

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I actually highly disagree with milk. 87% of the protein in milk is casein which is a carcinogen. Also by eating animal products the calcium from milk is not absorbed into the body, calcium is actually drawn out since it acts to make the blood more alkaline from the low ph of the animal products eaten including the milk itself.

Actually sandy no I'm a personal trainer and definitely not a vegan and milk is a terrible terrible choice. How on earth can you compare the breast milk of a human being to the breast milk of a cow? your (extremely flawed) logic would also suggest that it would be okay to drink rat breast milk. Cutting out dairy products is one of the fastest ways I actually get my clients to lose weight.

Milk has a little nutritional value but the bad out weighs the good in my opinion. My family already has a good history of breast and ovarian cancer so I will continue to limit my dairy intake. Arthritis and osteoporosis don't sound fun either..


I'd only eat half of these

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