7 Fantastic Running Shoes for Beginners ...

I started running not long ago, and it took me forever to find the perfect pair of running shoes. Sure, the internet and magazines are full of tips on picking the right pair of running shoes, but some of the advice just didnโ€™t make sense to a newbie like me. After lots of trial and error, and a few pesky, painful blisters, Iโ€™ve narrowed my field and thought Iโ€™d share the results. Here are 7 fantastic running shoes for beginners, girls who are just starting to run, like you and me!

1. New Balance WT20V2

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Price: $99.95 at zappos.com
Simply put, my New Balance running shoes are perfect! I love themโ€ฆ theyโ€™re lightweight, but they provide support where I seem to need it most (arch and ankle). To top it off, theyโ€™re pink, my signature running color, and theyโ€™re less than $100. These may well be the perfect running shoes for beginnersโ€ฆ or even seasoned veterans.

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