7 Exercises You Can do While You Are Cleaning ...


7 Exercises You Can do While You Are Cleaning ...
7 Exercises You Can do While You Are Cleaning ...

Let’s face it: life is busy and time is scarce so why not multitask and exercise while you are cleaning? Often people that lead busy lives find it difficult to squeeze in a workout. However, if have your daily cleaning to do why not push yourself to the next level and get a workout in at the same time!. As a super busy mom of three and fitness business owner, I am no stranger to multitasking as I am always on the go. But I still find time to get my workouts in and I am here to coach with 7 cleaning and challenging exercises to help you get in shape while you get your housework in...

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Walk & Clean Floor Lunge

This is a great exercise to do while you are cleaning to target your butt and legs. Lay two slightly damp rags on your hardwood or tile floor. Stand each foot on rag with your legs in a staggered stance: your right leg in front of your left leg. Keep your toes pointed straight ahead and your knees aligned over your toes. Keep your arms extended by your sides with your elbows tight against your waist and your palms facing forward. Bend both knees and lower into a lunge. As you lower, bend your elbows, raising your forearms so that your palms face your shoulder. Extend your elbows, lowering your forearms to their original position as you use your legs to raise up from the lunge. Perform 2 sets of 12 repetitions for each side or until you have walked the entire room for a shiny, clean floor and toned legs!


Bathroom Backward Lunge

Lay two slightly damp (can be damp from floor cleaner or just water) rags on your tile floor. Stand with feet together and a water bottle in each hand with foot on each rag. Step left foot behind you and bend both knees 90 degrees. Simultaneously, raise both arms in front of you to shoulder height. Lower and repeat.Perform 2 sets of 12 repetitions for each side walking across room or continue until the floors shine and your glutes ache. *wink*


Walking Cleaning Push up

Put a clean damp cloth in each hand and get down on ground with shoulder width apart bend your elbows and chest toward ground and lower body then push it back up. As you are pushing back up move your body to the right of room and clean the floor, then go for next pushup. Make sure your body is in a straight line from head to toe. Repeat 20 times or until the entire floor sparkles and shines and your triceps and chest shake!


Clean & Tone Tabletop

Want toned and sculpted arms but still have to clean your table tops? Then multitask and do both at once. While you are cleaning you tabletop integrate some pushups in between each swipe of the cloth. Continue for 20 pushups or until your tabletop is sparkly clean!


Couch Cleaning & Sitting Scissors

Grab a damp cloth and put this in one of your hands. Move to the edge of the couch and sit up keeping a strong posture. Lengthen and extend legs in front and while keeping legs straight, cross your legs back and forth in a scissor manner. Continue switching 50 times or until your abs burn. While doing so use the damp cloth to wipe down your couch.


Vacuum & Squat Step

Plug in your vacuum and squat step to a clean home. Make sure you put your weight in your heels as you squat and step with purpose to clean your rugs. Continue for 20 squats or until your rugs are sparkly clean.


Carry Laundry Crab Crawl

To tone your triceps, shoulders and back while bringing the laundry basket to the next room do a crab crawl. To perform a crab crawl sit on the ground with hands planted just behind your back and legs bent, feet on the floor. Next, raise the hips up a bit so that only your hands and feet are now in contact with the ground. The higher you can raise your hips at this point, the more abdominal benefits you're going to see. Now place your laundry basket on your stomach and bring the laundry to the next room. Continue until you are at your destination.

Remember you are capable of finding time to exercise even if it is while you are cleaning your home. In just a 45 minute cleaning session you can get a workout in that will help better your health and diminish your waistline. Will you set fitness and cleaning as your new priority so you can reach your goals of a clean home and toned body?

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