5. My Whole Family is Overweight, It is Just in My Genetics

Honestly, this excuse frustrates me the most. While genetically you may never be a size 00 (I never will be with these broad hips and shoulders), we are not genetically programmed to be obese or overweight. In fact, humans are not meant to be over a certain weight for your height, that is why we see negative health effects when we are over a certain weight.

What to do: Stop making this excuse. There is no “obese” or “overweight” gene, the problem that I see in most overweight families (including my own) is they pass down bad eating habits from one generation to the next. Try consulting a registered dietician and a personal trainer to help you learn healthier lifestyle habits. If you still have trouble losing weight with diet and exercise, then it may be time to consult a doctor about a thyroid or genetic issue that makes it harder for you to lose weight.

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