4. I Have to Cheat over the Weekend

Great! Everyone deserves a cheat meal, it helps keep us sane, I get it. But a frequent problem I see with many of my weight loss clients is that they do great during the week, lose weight, then come back on Monday only to have gained it back. This is typically due to weekend goodies and is okay if you are in the maintenance phase of your weight loss journey.

If you are still trying to lose weight this can be detrimental to your progress.

What to do: First off, no one said you had to eat perfectly over the weekend, but we do have to be mindful. You can have a little cheat over the weekend but keep it to something small and simple. Have a small bowl of ice cream, a side of French fries, whatever your food of choice may be. Have it, savor it, enjoy it and move on. When your cheat is over, get right back on track and remember you get another cheat next week.

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