Everyone is Gushing over These 7 Workouts ...


Everyone is Gushing over These 7 Workouts ...
Everyone is Gushing over These 7 Workouts ...

So as you are at the gym, you hear your friends all talking about the new fitness hype. Workouts like Bootcamp and jumping rope come up in conversation and you don’t know if you should run or join pronto. As you listen to the discussion of all the great results people are achieving from this, you perk up. Are you ready for the challenge? Absolutely, if super results can be earned. So check out the details about the workouts everyone is gushing over and get ready to transform your life!

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Okay, so the hype for this fitness workout is for good reason because Bootcamp is just the right combination of challenge and fun. You will never grow bored or feel like the exercises are getting easy because instructors challenge you in every class. Challenge yourself so you can experience the workout that everyone is gushing over.



For many years, Zumba has been the biggest dance crazy and it probably will be for quite some time because it works, if you can dance. If you shake your hips and make the most out of every dance move, you will get why everyone is gushing over this. The trick is not to fret over your moves not being in perfect synergy with your instructor; move how your body feels and have fun in the process!


21-Day Fix

As everyone gushed over the 21-day fix, I sat on the sidelines wondering if this was really as good as everyone made it seem. In amazement, after beginning the program I was so wowed by the results, inches lost and energy gained that I became a beach body coach! Reach out to me if you want more direction and then get ready to begin the road to weight loss success!


Pole Dancing

I know Pole Dancing seems like it is only in Hollywood, but I promise it is actually a super workout. To begin, you may want to purchase a pole and check out videos in the comfort of your home. But once you master the moves, you can work your core, increase flexibility while bonding with fellow classmates and have a blast!



Gush over this workout as you experience the blood rush while performing a super challenging HIIT workout. HIIT workouts are the focus for anyone looking to increase their athletic performance or lose weight in an ambitious fashion. Basically, all you have to do is push yourself for 2 minutes with exercise then take a 15-second break and repeat for up to an hour. Feel the burn and see the results even sooner!



Yoga is a timeless workout that will improve your flexibility, help you meditate and just make you to feel better. This is a great workout to do in conjunction with your cardio workouts and it will help you to recover more easily. Why else would everyone gush over their yoga routine?


Jumping Rope

Jumping rope brings back memories of hanging out with your friends on the playground at school and jumping to your heart’s content. But jumping rope is even better than just these memories, it can chisel and reshape your body. So grab your rope and jump to better your health, your weight loss and your life!

With these super workouts everyone is gushing over, where will you begin? Well, this was just a list of seven so can you remind me how many days in the week there are?

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From where can I get 21-day fit for free? Thank you!

There are seven days in a week. Hey, don't look at me like that! She asked. ;-D

HIIT is great!!!

I LOVE Zumba

HIIT training is by far my favorite! I like working out alone so it's perfect for me!

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