4. Ditch the Soda for Refreshing Lemon Water

When you think of diets, one of the first things you hear is to stop drinking soda. But if you drink soda all the time, or if it’s your go-to after a long day at the office, you need a substitute that can be just as tasty, but much healthier. The sugar (high fructose corn syrup) in soda and aspartame in diet soda have so many short and long-term health problems, including damaged teeth, high blood pressure, tons of calories, etc.

Two great substitutes for your favorite sodas are ice cold lemon water, and sparkling waters. Ice cold water with lemon is not only very low in calories, it tastes sweet and delicious and reduces cravings, and you get plenty of vitamins and benefits for your immune system. You can also try low-calorie sparkling waters, which come in tons of flavors and have either no sugar or calories, or significantly fewer than any soda. The fruity flavors of these waters also help you feel full and keep you from craving unnecessary snacks or even coffees.

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