Challenge Yourself to do These Exercises over the Holiday Season ...


Who doesn’t love the holiday season? Family and friends all coming together around… food! So much delicious food that will eventually show up on your body. But don’t worry, if you do these exercises throughout the holiday season, you can minimize the weight you gain and even tone your body!

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Leg Raises

Pie, cider, hot cocoa, and cookies. It’s all a lot of sugar! And it’s going to get to work right away creating that chubby Santa belly on your lower stomach! Don’t worry though; you can fight it by doing lower ab workouts! There are tons of awesome lower ab workouts, but one of the easiest and most effective are leg raises. If you’ve never done them before, no worries! Check out how to do them here:


Movie Workouts

In the down time between holiday meals, you probably spend a lot of time watching movies and catching up on Netflix series. But that’s all valuable time when you could be working out! Check out for a complete list of movie workouts to whip you into shape during the holiday season. Maybe this Rudolph workout can get you started!


Run for a Cause

It is a time of giving, after all! There are tons of races and runs throughout the holiday season in which you can participate. Your donation will support a good cause, and you’ll burn tons of calories! Which means you can eat even more sweets!


Go outside

When it’s freezing cold outside, you will probably be tempted to stay locked in doors next to a blazing fire with a hot drink in hand. But if you’re serious about maintaining or losing weight throughout the holiday season, you need to get outside! Sled with your kids or take a stroll through the park during snowfall. Anything you do to get moving is better than nothing at all!


Turn Shopping into a Workout

You’re already bound to do lots of it throughout the holiday season, so you might as well make the most of shopping! When you go shopping, there are several little changes you can make that make a world of difference! First, park far away (if you have a choice; parking lots are a jungle this time of year!) Once in the mall, make one or two laps of the mall before you even begin shopping. Take the stairs whenever you can—odds are the elevator will have a long wait anyway! Lastly, treat your bags like weights. Raise and lower them to get in a good bicep workout on the way back to your car.


Winter Sports

Winter is just as designed for exercise as summer is! While I don’t recommend swimming or running outdoors in this weather, other activities like skiing, snowboarding, and ice skating are all fun ways you can stay fit throughout the holiday season!


Anywhere Workouts

If the holidays require you to travel, always keep an "anywhere workout" in your back pocket! These always come in handy, because you can do them in a hotel or your in-laws living room! As long as you have enough space for your body, you can burn calories and build muscles wherever you are! You can always modify if you want something more or less intense and add reps to get in an even better workout. Try out this anywhere workout and see if you don’t love it!

The holidays are often bittersweet, because you know you’ll have a great time and enjoy amazing meals, but that losing the weight afterwards will be a struggle. So instead, just shed a few pounds or maintain your current weight during the holiday season by doing these simple workouts. Which one are you most eager to try?

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