Chain Restaurants with Healthy Low-Calorie Menu Choices ...


Trying to eat healthy is so much harder when you are in a restaurant. I love to eat out so I would never suggest giving up a dinner with friends just because you are watching what you eat. My best advice is to get on the restaurant’s website and check out the menu and nutritional information before you go. That lets you choose a healthy meal so that when you get to the restaurant, you won’t even have to open the menu. These chains offer several low-calorie choices so they are always a great choice for a meal.

1. Applebee’s

Applebee’s has locations in many cities across America and they have a low-calorie section on their menu. Many of the items clock in at under 600 calories, but don’t come in itty bitty portions. You’ll be satisfied without wrecking your diet goals. Choose from menu selections that include cedar grilled lemon chicken, Thai shrimp salad, savory cedar salmon and grilled onion sirloin.

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