7. Water!

Soda, sugary juices, caffeine-laced energy drinks: these things won’t help you lose weight, and don’t belong in any diet to bust belly fat! Even diet soda’s been proven to actually encourages people to gain weight, not lose it… so maybe it’s best if you stick with water. It’s calorie-free, tasty, and keeps you looking and feeling hydrated and happy. Aim for 8 8-ounces glasses per day.

What’s remarkable about these foods for belly fat is that they’re actually great at getting rid of fat all over, too! Combine this diet with strenuous exercise five days a week, for half an hour each session, and like the banner ads promise (but sadly can’t deliver) will happen — you’ll lose weight and look and feel great! Which of these foods for belly fat surprised you, and how will you add it to your diet? Do tell!

Top Image Source: twinfashionblog.com

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