7 Best Calorie Burning Dance Moves ...


Dance Moves and the whole process of learning them, practicing them and then showing them off in a club is not only a lot of fun but a very easy, not to mention interesting way to lose weight! Sure, you will sweat and sure, it will take some of your time but it sure beats long hours spent at the gym, exercising all by yourself. Rehearsing, learning new choreographies and neat dance moves has also helped some of the famous celebrities deal with their weight issues so, if you’d like to change your body the way Kelly Osborne did, take a look at these 7 fabulous dances and dance moves that will help you burn some major calories!

1. Belly Dancing

Is unwanted belly fat messing with your levels of self-esteem? Well, you’d better work on your belly dance movies, girl, because this sexy dance targets the abdominal muscles you didn’t even know you had! Belly Dance lessons are very popular these days and you’ll have no problem finding an affordable course that fits your timetable and, once you’ve got your best Shakira routine all set and ready to be shown in public, hit the club to burn even more calories and maybe even snag a Rafael Nadal -looking hottie!

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