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There are loads of benefits of joining

Are you fed up with expensive weight loss programs such as NutriSystem, Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, etc.? I have the program for you!

Back in 2015, I just happened to stumble upon The website is a fitness and nutrition website and right up my frugal The website was started by "SparkGuy", Chris Downey, who I cannot thank enough.

Upon creating a "free" account and getting your own "Sparkpage", which may contain as much or as little as you want people to see and know...such as your real name or screen name, bio, photos, "Sparkfriends", "Sparkteams", Comments, "Sparkgoodies", "SparkAwards", "Sparkblog Titles", "Sparkpoints", "Sparkpeopletv", "Sparkrecipes", Team Leaders, etc. If those aren't enough benefits of joining, keep reading for more great info.

1. Sparkfriends

For Sparkfriends, you can pick whatever members you would like to be your Sparkfriends, to take part in fitness, fellowship and fun as you please.

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