7. Women Gain Weight Fast Because of ... Cravings

The only time I've ever heard a man talk about cravings would be those rare occasions where the man is actually the one craving things when his wife is pregnant. For the most part, it's a woman who tends to have cravings, and when you think about it, the cravings are never for healthy things. Ice cream, chocolate (which is one great thing to crave!) this sweet, that carb, etc. While I personally believe you should give into your cravings to avoid giving in later and totally ruining your diet, you should take care to eat just enough to satisfy and not over-indulge your body's struggle with the good foods in life.

Being pregnant, one of my recent cravings was salt and vinegar chips, and I ended up eating the entire can of pringles in one 2-hour period! That is definitely not something I want to keep up, that's for sure! But what a woman's got to do? Cravings are just one of those unfortunate reasons why we women gain weight fast. And you really need to have a super-woman self-control to eliminate this weight gain reason!

We women have it much more tough than men do, but that doesn't mean that we can't beat these unfortunate reasons why women gain weight fast and keep ourselves trim and fit. Just pay attention to the 7 Reasons Why Women Can Gain Weight Fast and try to avoid these situations as much as possible. If you have any hints or tips to help your fellow women out, please feel free to leave us a comment! We love to hear from our readers - any tricks to stop gaining weight you personally loved!

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