7 Unfortunate Reasons Why Women Gain Weight Fast ...


There are a lot of reasons why women gain weight fast. And with all honesty, we women have a MUCH harder battle with weight gain than men do, which just doesn't always seem fair. We women are the ones who are pressured to look nice and thin and have that perfect body and yet men find it easier to avoid gaining weight fast. Why is that? What is it about women that makes us more susceptible to weight gain? Reading these 7 Unfortunate Reasons Why Women Gain Weight Fast might help you make the change needed to keep the weight trimmed away for a better you.

1. We Love Chocolate - and It Makes Us Pay the Price

Yeah, we'll just go ahead and throw this one out here first because it's the one unfortunate reason why we gain weight we're not going to care to change, right? There is a never-ending love story between woman and chocolate that is too romantic to ever break up. Face it, ladies, we need chocolate! It's a fact of life. Ok, don't indulge to the point of making yourself sick on it, but nibbling here and there is 100% acceptable!

Bad Enough as It is, Menopause Also Makes Us Gain Weight
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