7 Best & Worst Diet Advice from Leading Weight Loss Plans ...


There’s absolutely no dearth of diet plans – be it on the internet or in your neighborhood book store. In fact, you can have a tough time trying to decide which one to follow...or not. Here are 7 Best and surprisingly worst diet advice from leading weight loss plans. You can put these bite sized diet tips into action asap!

1. Dr. Phil- Daytime Talk Show Host, Dr Phil, Outlines Seven Crucial Elements for Weight Loss

Best Tip: Exposure to fattening and unhealthy foods should be reduced. For obvious reasons, if it’s not in front of you, you won’t eat it.

Not-so-great tip: While walking, use exercise poles to burn more calories. This tip only helps if you are walking really long distances or cross-country skiing. For short distances, it doesn’t work out to be a very effective tip.

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