10 Steps to an Hour Glass Figure ...

We would all love to have a figure that could stop traffic! You know the figure I’m talking about: one that looks great in a pair of skinny jeans and a clingy top that shows off just the right amount of curves! This much desired body form is called an “hour-glass” figure. The silhouette of this figure resembles an hour-glass, hence its name. The hour-glass figure has traditionally been revered as the “feminine” look that woman strive for. Here are some tips on how to achieve that look. Here are 10 steps to an hour-glass figure.

1. Prioritize

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Make looking better a priority! Make your physical appearance and health a priority or everything else on this list will be meaningless.

2. Accountability

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Make yourself accountable to someone; it is important to have someone that can keep you motivated even if you feel like giving up... even if that someone is YOU!

3. Confidence

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Many women would like to improve themselves physically, but they lack the confidence to make the attempt. Acknowledge that you are a beautiful woman with many talents and gifts; be confident in yourself.

4. Plan

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Develop a plan for your work-days and weekends. Plan healthy meals for the week and make sure that you have all you need from the market to prepare the meals. Be consistent in order to achieve your goal of attaining an “Hour Glass Figure”.

5. Healthy Eating

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Cut down on the fatty foods that contribute create the flab on your abdomen. Eating fatty foods is what keeps the “kangaroo pouch” that we hate on our tummy. Avoid consuming sugar and processed foods. Eat fresh fruits and veggies and lean proteins instead.

6. Drown the Pounds

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It is essential that you drink adequate water; not just for weight loss and improved health but for your body to function properly. You can't acheive anything if you're dehydrated!

7. Tone It up

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Exercise is a prerequisite for achieving an hour-glass figure. Get the tiny waist line you desire by doing sit-ups and crunches.

8. Cardio

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Get your heart pumping and burn those calories. Studies show that 30 minutes of cardio exercise a day is guaranteed to result in weight-loss around the stomach area.

9. Underwear

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Enhance your figure with padded underwear to achieve an hour-glass figure. No matter how much exercise you do or how healthy you eat, you may not have an hour-glass figure. Padded bras or padded underwear may be just what you need to pull off the perfect look.

10. Clothes Are Everything

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A roll of flab hanging over the top of a pair of low cuts is not flattering to any figure. Cut pounds and inches off of your body by simply wearing the right clothes. Avoid clothes that are too tight as they accent your bulges.

Exercise and diet may or may not give you the hour-glass figure of your dreams. Should you miss your goal, enhance your figure by wearing padded underwear and carefully selecting clothing that looks attractive on your shape. What tricks do you find most effective for altering your body shape?

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