These Snacks Will Help You Burn off Some Fat ...


Getting rid of fat involves burning more calories than you consume.

When you balance your calories in versus your calories out in this way, you can effectively drop weight and lose fat all over your body.

Many weightloss experts encourage healthy snacking because it prevents you from feeling deprived and starving, which can lead to binge eating a ton of junk all at one time.

Here are some tasty snacks to add to your routine.

Get ready to see that number on the scale going way down!

1. Cucumber Sandwiches

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Source: Healthy Recipe Roundup 16th Edition

If you can't give up cheese, skip the crackers and use cucumber slices instead to save yourself tons of calories.

2. Carrot Fries


Source: Baked Carrot Fries (Paleo &

These are pretty addicting, but you an eat them totally guilt free!

3. Frozen Yogurt Bark


Source: Frozen Yogurt Bark - My

Craving something creamy and cold?

This will definitely satisfy (and for much fewer calories than ice cream).2

4. Chocolate Peanut Butter Granola Apple Bites

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Source: 21 Power Snacks to Fuel

These apples slathered in protein packed peanut butter make the perfect afternoon snack.

5. Tuna in Cucumber Cups

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Source: Tuna in Cucumber Cups β€”

There's never been a more delicious way to count calories and lose weight!

6. Chocolate Peanut Butter Bananas


Source: 25 Healthy Snacks - The

If you usually reach for a candy bar at snack time, these treats will satisfy in the same way, without all the fat and calories.

7. Deviled Eggs


Source: 32 Clean Eating Low-Calorie Snacks

Eggs make a great weight loss snack because they are low in calories, but packed with protein.

8. Apple β€œNachos”


Source: Apple nachos with peanut butter

Who says you can't have nachos just because you're trying to lose weight?

9. Spinach Chips

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Source: Spinach as a healthy snack

If you love kale chips, you will adore how crispy and flavorful these spinach chips are.

Apple Chips
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