7 Sneaky Ways to Make Yourself Work out ...


There are lots of ways you can talk yourself into hitting the snooze button one more time, or rationalize eating that extra Oreo cookie, but why aren’t there more ways to make yourself work out?

Actually, there are loads of ways to make yourself work out, and some of them are so sneaky, so devious, you won’t believe it.


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Here are 7 sneaky ways to make yourself work out.

1. Pay for It in Advance

If you’re a girl on a budget, or if you just hate wasting money, one sneaky way to make yourself work out is to pay for your gym membership in advance.2

I’ve done this and it works!

I felt so bad about the idea of wasting money, I went nearly every single day for that entire year.

I wanted to make sure I got my money’s worth!

2. Find a Friend

There’s nothing like a little guilt to motivate you sometimes.

If you have a workout buddy, someone who meets you at the track for a run, or who joins you at the gym, you’ll be a lot more likely to show up.

One of the best ways to make yourself work out when you’re feeling so unmotivated is to imagine having to explain to your workout buddy why you weren’t there… suddenly all of your excuses just sound lame.

3. Keep a Journal

What’s an even better way to make yourself work out than possibly having to answer to a disappointed workout buddy?

How about answering to your future self?

I keep a workout journal, listing my run and time… I hate seeing blank days, or worse, two blank days in a row… this keeps me motivated to work out!

4. Set Your Alarm

If you find that you just can’t squeeze in a workout after a busy day at work, maybe you ought to try getting up 20 minutes earlier as a way to make yourself work out.

20 minutes is nothing, and there’s no cup of coffee that’s going to give you the burst of energy that a morning workout can.

So set your alarm a little early and get your fitness on!

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