7 Plans for a Summer Slim-down ...


Jeez, I need to lose weight for summer.

I'm sure I'm not the only one, either.

It's so hard to get motivated, though, and it's even harder to know when and where to start.

Well, the time to start is now, and here are some plans for a summer slim-down that will show you where to start.

Although it will take a lot of will power, slimming down for summer is surprisingly easy – you just have to be willing to do the leg work.

1. Set a (Realistic) Goal

Setting a realistic, attainable goal is the first solid plan for a summer slim-down.

You're not going to be able to lose 100 or even 50 pounds by summer, at least not if you lose weight in ways that are safe and healthy, but you can get slimmer between then and now.

You have to have something to work toward, though, even if you start out small.

Say you want to lose 5 pounds first, and then you won't overwhelm yourself.

2. Have Something to Look Forward to

In addition to having a goal, you need to have an event to look toward, something to look forward to that will act as a motivator.

Maybe you have plans to go to the beach this summer, or even to attend a pool party.

Sometimes an event like that can help motivate you to stick to your new diet, and give you the little push you need to exercise each day.

I know I need something like that, otherwise I procrastinate and never meet a single goal.

3. Banish the Temptations

Like Oscar Wilde, I can resist everything except temptation.

If there are cookies in the house, I'm probably going to eat them.2

Some of you out there might have the will power needed to just ignore all the bad, delicious, fattening food in the house.

I both hate and envy you.

For those of us who have problems with that, then here's another plan for a summer slim-down.

You have to get rid of all those temptations!2

Clean out your refrigerator and banish the bad food from your pantry.

For that matter, get rid of the things you know you'll never eat, like that can of chick peas that's been there since the Y2K scare.

Eat Smart
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