9 Key Reasons Not to Miss a Workout ...


Reasons not to miss a workout, let me count the ways... If you want to stay on track with your fitness goals, maintain a healthy lifestyle, and even possibly look like a bit of a bombshell along the way, this is a list you won’t want to miss. Though there are definitely times to listen to your body and sit out a trip or two to the gym - especially if you are sick or injured - for most of us a missed workout is more about motivation and commitment than anything else. Long days at work, lack of sleep, stress and busy schedules - there will always be excuses not to fit in a little exercise, and as such, it is so important to remember the immense and lasting benefits of physical activity, and the very good reasons stick to your fitness plan. Read on, and then race yourself to the local gym... Ready? Set... Go!

1. Actions Form Habits

Ask any woman who has tried to change her ways - whether on a diet, with a bad ex-boyfriend, or in terms of fitness - and she will tell you that the choices we make most often lay the groundwork for our habits, and set habits are really tough things to break. How can we change? The key is to create new behavioral patterns by repeating productive, healthy choices consistently. By staying accountable to your goals every day, not giving in to the couch and pushing yourself to work out for even a quick twenty minutes, you are setting yourself up to create healthy fitness habits that will eventually make it that much easier to stick to your exercise routine naturally - an excellent reason why you should not skip a workout (and stop calling your bad boy ex-boyfriend).

Improve Confidence
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