7 Important Factors to Consider before Losing Weight ...


There are some very important factors to consider before losing weight that most women donโ€™t give a second thought.

In the search of smaller jeans, a tighter tush, and an itty bitty waistline, we diet, exercise and plan away the pounds.

It can be exhausting, but comes easier to some than others.

Yet, no matter who you are, or how many pounds you want to drop, I hope youโ€™ll think about some factors to consider before losing weight that might save you a headache, heart issues, and even a few pounds, later on down the road.

1. Do You Really Need to Lose Weight?

First and foremost, before I address the usual factors to consider before losing weight, I want you to really take some time to think about if you really need to lose weight.

Are you stressed, and dieting to drop pounds hoping that will help?

Are you obsessed with your weight and constantly trying to lose?2

Howโ€™s your weight compared to what it should be on the BMI chart for women?

A low weight for someone 5โ€™5โ€ is 120 and anything below is considered underweight.

For someone 5โ€™7โ€, a low weight is 135 and anything under is underweight.

Please do give the BMI chart consideration, and see how youโ€™re really doing in terms of your weight compared to the average woman.

If you donโ€™t need to lose weight, please donโ€™t diet your way down to nothing when itโ€™s not healthy or necessary.

You can find the BMI chart at: cdc.gov.

If you do need to lose weight, exercise at least 60 minutes a day and make sure youโ€™re eating the right portion sizes from healthy foods, not packaged diet foods.

You can find other resources for healthy weight loss at the Center for Disease Control and Preventionโ€™s website at :cdc.gov.

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