7 Fail Safe Ways to Start Recognizing Hunger ...


So many people overeat because they fail to understand the ways to recognize hunger.

These same individuals ignore their body signals and continue to eat.

Overeating is unhealthy and will lead to weight gain as well as other health issues.

So get in touch with your body and learn the ways to recognize hunger.

Once you can grasp this you will find weight loss and better health to be a cinch!2

Here are the ways to understand true hunger and how you can become in tune with better health.

1. Understand What Hunger is

Before you can understand if you are hungry, you should understand what exactly hunger is.

Is your stomach growling or do you feel stomach pangs?

Hunger is simply a sensation that signals your body to eat.2

Analyzing how you are feeling is one of the important ways to recognize hunger.

So let’s get to it!

2. Ignore the Distractions

It is dinnertime and you have work to do, family stress and other distractions, but you are feeling pangs of hunger, so what should you do?

Slow down at meal time, listen to your body signals and make sure you are eating for health, rather than plain desire.

If you focus on your health you will make wiser choices.2

3. Stay Hydrated

Often people confuse hunger with thirst.

To eliminate this from occurring, drink a glass of water before you eat your meal so you will eat the appropriate amount rather than over indulge.

This will help to eliminate you from overeating.

4. Write down What You Are Eating

In order to recognize hunger, you should understand when you are usually hungry because your body works best when on a schedule.2

If you always find you are hungry before you are going to work and you ate an hour prior, you may be desiring food out of pure emotion.

So keep a food journal so you can better understand your body and make sure you are just eating out of true hunger rather than emotion!

Eat What Your Body Needs
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