10 Easy Ways to Get Lower Abs ...


We’re all looking for easy ways to get lower abs, but I have sad news: there is no completely easy way to get lower abs, or any other toned body part, for that matter.

But I also have GOOD news!

It’s not impossible to get toned lower abs, and I can tell you how.

Here are 10 moderately easy ways to get lower abs.

1. Bust the Myth

Before you get started toning your lower abs, it’s important to blow a harmful myth: there is no way to tone one muscle group or one area of your body;

you have to lose fat everywhere, and build muscle everywhere.

But that’s not a bad thing, right?

And remember this myth, because if any product or pill promises otherwise, it’s a bald-faced lie.

2. Eat Right

Step one in your quest to get toned lower abs is to eat a healthful, low-fat diet.

Avoid fast food and prepared foods (boxed, frozen, or canned stuff is «prepared» foods), cut soda from your diet, and add five servings of fresh fruits and veggies every day.

This is a great start towards a good diet… grab your grocery cart and get going!

3. Get Your Cardio

I’m sure you’re afraid that getting toned lower abs means a thousand sit-ups and crunches a day, but it doesn’t.

At the top of the list of exercises for lower abs is cardio.

How much, and how often?

Aim for four times a week, for 40 minutes.

And remember, for cardio to count, it has to mean your heart is thumping hard for that entire time… good examples are running or jogging, swimming, rowing, biking or even brisk walking.

4. Bear Weight (and Don’t Bear Weight!)

Sneak in your cardio and two other types of exercise, weight bearing and non weight bearing, to get toned lower abs.

Weight bearing exercise is anything that requires you to balance your own body weight, like running, elliptical, or jogging.

Non weight bearing exercise is something you can sit down for, like biking or rowing.


You can combine these with your cardio to multi-task your way to getting toned lower abs.

Decline Bench Crunches
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