7 Body Blasting Workouts to Try for the Body of Your Dreams ...


If you are a gym freak like me, body blasting workouts are what we love.

Also, if you are anything like me, you are starting to freak out about at how fast the hot weather is coming.

Most of us every year are not prepared for the beach, and don’t have patience with loosing that last 5 pounds.

Maybe it's time you amp up your work out routine with these body blasting workouts.

1. Cardio Blasting

I know, I know.

This is very expected, but this is also very effective.

I suggest hitting the elliptical and mashing the intervals button.

This will go from a high incline to a low incline, which targets your legs in all areas.

Also, grab onto the arm poles and use this to tone your arms and upper back as well.

This really will hit every area and is a perfect warm-up before you start with weights.

2. Legs and Thighs Blasting

This is one of the hardest parts of our body to trim.2

Some simple lunges or squats will work great, but if you try some different moves it will keep your body thinking.

Try this: bend over, place two hands on the ground and your left foot on the ground, bend your right knee up and pulse your butt upwards.

This will target not only your thighs, but your butt and glutes as well.

3. Stomach Blasting

Sometimes crunches and situps can kill the lower back.

To avoid the back pain, look into doing different workouts that still blast your stomach but don’t hurt the rest of your body.

Try this: grab a weight of your choice and go into a half squat.

Make sure to keep your back straight, and twist slowly.

4. Muffin Top Blasting

Ugh, the dreaded muffin top.

I know we have all experiences this at one point or another.

It can be easy to kill off though.

Try this: grab some small hand weights and stand in a squat position.2

Complete one squat, then raise one leg to the side while bending your upper body towards it.

This will burn off those love handles as well as sculpting your behind.

Arms Blasting
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