9 Best Energy Drinks ...


Energy drinks aren’t just for extreme sports adrenaline junkies and all-nighter college students.

They’re now made to cater to tired, overworked moms and office drones, and even active senior citizens.

(I wonder how close we are to a prune-enhanced energy drink.) If you’re a fashionistas in need of an immediate boost, I can help!

I’ve tried loads of energy drinks, so I know which work.

Here are the 9 best energy drinks.

1. 5 Hour Energy Shots

5 Hour Energy Shots

Price: $24.99 at soap.com

You’ve seen the commercials, but can you believe the hype?

Can this energy drink really give you a burst of much-needed pep without the inevitable crash?

I’ve tried it, and the hype is true.

It tastes funny, but it really works, and because it’s a shot, rather than a 16-ounce drink, it doesn’t leave you feeling bloated, either.


Red Bull Energy Drink
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